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Vision & Mission

Corporate Mission

Our mission is to establish The Developers as an innovative lifestyle provider that actively contributes to Community growth, including retail, leisure, and hospitality projects.The Developers brand name will eventually become synonymous to “delivering world class projects and optimal consumer satisfaction across the GCC”.

Corporate Vision

Our vision For The Developers is to establish it as one of the most reliable and valuable lifestyle developers in the GCC.

Corporate Strategy

To become one of the most reliable and valuable companies in the GCC, The Developers pursues a strategy of business segmentation with distinct business clusters functioning as distinct growth drivers. These growth drivers will expand and form part of a single entity known as “The Developers LLC”.

Corporate Values

  • People are our greatest resource
  • Customer Focus is the reason for the company‚Äôs existence
  • Innovation and practical solutions at the best cost are the keys to competitiveness
  • Creativity, Integrity, and Challenges drive progress